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Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin has created a photo series that gives us a glimpse of what the life of a “Star Wars”stormtrooper would be like. Using a combination of actual figurines and handmade props, Batin depicts scenes ranging from dramatic moments, to mid-action depictions, to just plain hilarious happenings.

(via Juxtapoz Magazine - Life as a Stormtrooper)

Comment-tu prononce ton prenom?

En utilisant l’alphabet phonétique, ça donne [e w ɛ n].


This map of France, made by the Cassini family in 1744, represents the “first attempt to survey and map every meter of a country.” (source)

Groix, Septembre 2013.

Mya, Teenage Kicks, Rennes.

Pedro, Teenage Kicks, Rennes.

Kazy, Teenage Kicks, Rennes.

Graffiti de Breze, Rue de l’Alma, Rennes.

Boulevard du Colombier, Rennes.